An integrated solar battery system that stores your solar energy for less energy dependences on utilities and backup protection when the grid goes down. Your system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

DC Coupled Residential Solar Battery Storage Solution


Technical Specifications

System Configuration

  • PV module
    11 pcs*CSUN450-144M mono PV modules
  • Mounting system
    1 set* VG Solar 5kWp pitched tile mounting system
  • Hybrid inverter
    1 pcs*SMT-5K-TL-LV 1-phase hybrid inverter
  • Battery packs
    3 units*DLG ESS4850-2U-L 7.2kWh LV battery system
  • Battery cabinet
    1 unit*DLG 7.2kWh customized battery cabinet 4.8kWh~12.0kWh
  • Energy meter
    1 unit*Acrel 1-phase Energy Meter ACR10R-D16TE
  • Accessories
    MC4 ports and DC cables 1C-4sq.mm DC 1000V solar cable *2m; battery connectors and cables; MC4 ports 1000V 30A IP67 *11 pcs

Scenario & Priority

  • Installation site
    Pitched and tile roof
  • Max. building height
    ≤20 m
  • Snow load
    PV module: 5400-7200pa upon request; mounting system: ≤2.4 kN/m2
  • Wind load
    PV module: 2400Pa; mounting system:≤60 m/s

PV Side

  • MPPT number/ max. input strings number
  • PV module number
    11 pcs
  • PV array voltage at peak power
  • Peak input power
  • MPPT voltage range
    Inverter: 125-550V; PV module: 41.50Vmpp max.;PV array:457V
  • Open circuit voltage-Voc
    PV module: 48.9V; PV array: 538V
  • Max. input current
    Inverter: 12.5A/12.5A; PV module: 10.85A Impp;PV array: 10.85A
  • Max. short circuit current
    Inverter: 14.0A/ 14.0A; PV module:11.60A; PV array: 11.60A

Battery Storage

  • Storage capacity
    7.2kWh default, capacity scalable from 4.8kWh up to 30kWh by 2.4kWh
  • Battery voltage
  • Nominal charging/discharging current
  • Nominal battery output power
  • Battery chemistry
  • DoD
  • Lifespan
    ≥4000cycles@0.5C, 90%DoD, ≥80%EOL,25°C

AC Side Grid-tied

  • AC output power
  • Rated grid voltage
    1/N/PE, 220/230V

AC Side Off-grid

  • Backup power
    Max. 5kW, power with inductive loads:1.2kW
  • On-/off-grid switching time
    <10 ms
  • Nominal backup time
    c.a. 1.5h

General System Specs

  • Max. efficiency
    Max. system efficiency: ≥87%; Inverter MPPT efficiency: 97.6%; inverter charging/discharing efficiency: 97.6%/96%; battery round trip efficiency: ≥95%; max. PV module efficiency:20.7%
  • Communication
    Inverter&external: RS485, Wifi, GPRS optional; Battery & internal: RS485,RS232, CAN
  • Operating temperature
    PV array: -40°C to +85°C; Inverter: -40°C to +85°C;Battery: -10 °C ~ 55 °C
  • Certifications
    Grid connection standard:VDE-AR-N 4105 / EN 50549-1, VDE 0126 / VFR:2019, RD 1699 / UNE 206006 / UNE 206007-1, C10/11, NRS 097-2-1, AS/NZS4777,TOR; safety standard: IEC/EN 62109; PV module: IEC 61215 61730 PID certificates; Mounting system: designed according to Japan JIS standards. TÜV certified and MCS accredited; Battery: IEC62619, CE, UN38.3, MSDS
  • Warranty
    PV modules: 12 years material and workmanship warranty, 25 years linear output warranty; Inverter: 5 years standard warranty; Battery: 10 years battery warranty; Mounting system: ≥10 years
  • Enclousures
    Inverter: IP65; Battery module: IP20; Battery cabinet: IP54 PV array: outdoor installation
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    PV module: 1038*2094*35 mm;Inverter: 495*516*152 mm; Battery module:440*88.5*430 mm,2U; Battery cabinet: 565*1080*320 mm
  • Weight
    PV module: 23.5 kg; Inverter: <25 kg; Battery module:23kg
  • Packaging
    Inverters- qty. per pallet: 7 pcs; qty. per 20ft container: 168 pcs; qty. per 40ft container: 378 pcs; qty. per 40ft HQ container: 432pcs; PV modules- qty. per 20ft container:300pcs; qty. per 40ft container:660pcs; qty. per 40ft HQ container: 715pcs; Batteries- qty. per pallet: 24 pcs; qty. per 20ft container:240pcs
Key Components
5kW Solar Battery Hybrid Inverter
  • Supports photovoltaic, battery, grid-connected and load four-way interface
  • Strong output capability and good load adaptability
  • Can be integrated with on-grid and off-grid switching function
  • Easy expansion and convenient
  • Full power output in the off-grid status
Key Components
3*ESS4850-2U-L 7.2kWh LV Battery System
  • Long life cycles
  • Capacity scalable up to 30kWh
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Protocol compatible with main energy storage inverters on the market
  • Easy to install and replace, maintenance free
Key Components
5kWp Pitched Tile Mounting System
  • High durable double adjustable SUS304 hook kits for mainstream roof installations
  • Click-in system for quick installation
  • Adaptive clamps design with thickness 35 mm to 50mm adjustable
  • 20 years warranty with extreme weather tolerable
Key Components
1-phase Energy Meter
  • Accurate. 0.5 class measurement precision level
  • 1-phase cost-effective meter
  • Easy to install. 35mm din rail mounted
  • High reliability, 5 years’ warranty optional
Key Components
Customized Battery Cabinet 4.8kWh~12.0kWh
  • OEMed feasible
  • Compatible with 2 to 5 units of 48V50Ah battery modules, from 4.8kWh to 12kWh
  • Flexible and customizable on dimension, depths, length and levels
  • Anti-corrosion and robust cabinet for 10 years warranty
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